Outsourcing has become the need of the hour for all businesses. Be it any industry, businesses depend upon outsourcing certain processes to competent partners regularly. This helps them focus on their core competencies and operations while the back office and support services are handled by the outsourcing partners. Since most of the company’s processes are dependent on business outsourcing services, it becomes important that the outsourcing partner is chosen carefully. It becomes more important when the business is planning to outsource end to end support services to a single outsourcing partner which can be quite beneficial to the business. Data entry is such an important process which is ideally outsourced to a competent third party. Every industry has a different requirement for data management and hence, the right outsourcing partner must be chosen after careful evaluation. Here are some essential criteria to consider while choosing the right data entry outsourcing partner:

Look for Experience

Experience definitely helps in ensuring work quality and keeping the costs low. Experienced outsourcing partners will have access to better resources and industry experts who will ensure quality deliverables. Hence, one of the first and foremost criteria to be met for your outsourcing data entry partner will be their industry experience.

Do they offer end to end solutions?

Even though this may not be essential to your requirements, it always helps to hire an end to end solution provider just in case some emergency requirements pop up. If your offshore data entry process can be handled completely by a single service provider, it makes your data consistent and more reliable.

What technology do they use?

Technology is a must for data entry. Even if your business requires more of manual data entry, technology helps significantly in making sure it is error free and consistent. Latest technologies ensure data quality and consistency and also conform to industry standards.

What’s their resource strength?

Scalability is an important aspect of outsourcing. During the peak business seasons of the company, the outsourcing partner should have enough resources to handle the increased work flow. Similarly, when there’s less work, the larger workforce should not become a burden for the company.

Look for References

References help to confirm whether the outsourcing company follows the standard procedures for data entry. This is essential to ensure quality deliverables and on-time delivery of data and services. You must ask for client references, preferably in your own industry, and cross-check with them about the outsourcing partner. This helps especially when you have Bulk data entry services as the large volume of data needs to be handled professionally.

Check the Quality Policy and Standards followed

Without proper quality policy and standards, the outsourcing partner will not be able to deliver quality data. So before finalizing the outsourcing partner, make sure you go through the quality policy documents and procedures followed.

Check the Security Policy and Standards followed

Information security is equally essential to consider while choosing the right outsourcing data entry partner. Before you outsource data entry services, make sure that the outsourcing partner follows stringent quality procedures so that your data privacy is ensured.

Turnaround Time

Just like quality, the turnaround time is also important for your processes to be completed on time. Enquire the average and best turnaround times guaranteed by your outsourcing partner.

Ask for Sample Work

The best way to assess the quality of a potential outsourcing partner is by getting them to do some sample work for your business. This way, you can assess their quality delivered and the turnaround time to start with.

Economic Feasibility

Last, but not the least, the outsourcing partner should be economically feasible to your business. Even though experienced partners who deliver quality data come at a higher cost, if you cannot afford it, it becomes a burden for your company. So make sure the economic feasibility is also considered before finalizing the outsourcing data entry partner.

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