Data conversion is the translation of data between various formats which is to be entered categorically and precisely into company database. When data is not structured appropriately and not available readily at hand , it can highly affect overall efficiency. We can provide data conversion solutions to formats such as XML that can function on various different platforms and transported to a storage warehouse with ease.

We design databases for MS Access, Oracle, SQL Server etc including triggers, indexes and check constraints follow up. Collected data of any kind is inputted and transferred or converted into a format of your choice for database update in turn saving a ton of time and money. We can provide conversion services for format change of data already existing in electronic format such as MS Excel or MS Word. Additionally we offer solutions for document and image scanning for printed or handwritten data. In some cases for printed data manual data entry is carried out for case sensitive or difficult information We staff personnel such as editors, proof readers who can verify and validate your data for originality and accuracy. At NexGen, to deal with data conversion issues, we perform document deterioration identification, metadata extraction processes from online websites, and convert legacy documents.

Data Conversion Services

Our Data Conversion services:

  • Data conversion to different platforms and across numerous databases
  • MS Word to HTML
  • MS Word to PDF and vice versa
  • PDF to searchable word processing format and vice versa
  • Text to PDF format conversion
  • PDF to MS Access
  • Conversion of e-book to various formats
  • XML conversion to client suggested format
  • CHTML conversion to a variety of formats
  • MS Excel conversion
  • CAD conversion
  • Book conversion, also from magazines and newspapers
  • Data extraction and conversion of Catalog
  • MS Word to Corel Word Perfect
  • MS Word to Lotus Word Pro
  • PDF to illustrations, images and vice versa
  • Spreadsheet to comma delimited MS Word documents
  • Frame Maker, PageMaker, Quark into XML, SGML, HTML and Open e-book (OeB)
  • Data conversion into any format for data storage devices such as CDs and DVDs or for FTP uploads
  • Data capture, scanning/ indexing
  • Text or books to HTML, XML, XHTML, PDF and MS Word formats
  • Conversion of paper documents such as newspaper, magazine articles etc into any type of digitized format available
  • Image conversion to html and tiff to pdf
  • OCR, ICR and OMR techniques used for optimization
  • Microfiche scanning, storage and printing along with conversion into various formats
  • Adobe Photoshop and CS software used for Image editing, image resizing, quality(resolution) and color enhancement,
  • This is just a brief overview. A host of other conversions in different formats are offered as suggested by you.

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