Data Capture Services

Data Capture is a method of collecting data without the use of input methods like data entry. The data input is done mainly through devices like document readers, Barcode readers etc.


At Data Entry India BPO, we make sure that all your required data is captured, organized and stored in a cost effective manner. This will allow your employees to access the required data quickly and effectively. We have several years of expertise in converting huge volumes of paper data into digitized form. We can therefore provide you with quality solutions very quickly.

We undertake different kinds of data capture services which include
  • Paper to image conversion
  • Capture of competitor's data
  • Collecting information from forms
  • Capturing data from sources like microfilms, photographs, magnetic storage devices and cards
  • Data Capture from cheques and legal documents

How you can benefit from outsourcing your Data Capture requirements to us

  • Increased productivity and efficiency - By outsourcing your data capture requirements to us, you can allow your employees to concentrate more on the core business activities while we take care of your document processing needs. This will help in increasing the productivity and efficiency of your business.
  • Reduced costs - There is no need for you to make large investments in costly tools. Also, you don’t need to spend a considerable amount in training your staff to use these tools. We take care of the entire process of data capture which includes collecting, storing and managing your data.
  • Faster Document Processing - Our data capture services allows quick and easy retrieval of data. Further, it allows more than one employee to access the same data simultaneously. This can increase the speed at which documents are processed. Also, it allows your employees to provide better customer service to your clients.
  • Remote Access to your employees - Our data capture allows streamlining of your business activities. It allows employees located at geographically distributed locations to access the required information, thus improving the efficiency of your business.
  • Better disaster recovery - Protecting your data from natural calamities is another benefit that you can get by outsourcing your data capture. We provide you with back up archives which help you to recover your vital business information in such circumstances.

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