Data Mining refers to extraction of data patterns obtained largely from the web. We can deal with any task irrespective of size as we understand the significance and benefits obtained from such processes. It covers a gamut of organizational needs; mainly decision making, periodic reporting, coming up with competitive strategies etc. Our approach to your project is purely quality oriented. We utilize cutting edge tools of technology and employ a rich team of highly qualified and skilled professionals for different projects.

Outsourcing data mining proves to be the correct choice since it requires specialized expertise and background in searching for critical information on the web. Online information is growing by the second. Data mining solutions are a boon to financial institutions, banking enterprises, insurance companies, consultants, e-Commerce solutions companies, telecommunication companies etc.

Brief description of our data mining services:-

Data Mining Services
  • Data capture by gathering information from websites and entering them into forms and MS Excel spreadsheets
  • Data mining of internet data by collecting data from numerous websites
  • Gathering data for research of competitor pricing policy and strategies
  • Market research pertaining to different areas such as product, insurance, medical, software etc
  • Data scanning in bulk
  • Extraction of data
  • Extraction of meta data from websites using in-house tools and software
  • Data Analysis and interpretation
  • Data mining of survey forms
  • Data Mining and research of books and database
  • Continual updating of data
  • Analyzing general pricing policy
  • Utilizing online resources for gathering news and information for research purpose
  • Data capture is performed using voluminous data for extracting information such as contact details for creating mailing lists, for online commercials , concerning product enhancement for strategic pricing from the web or product catalogs to be updated online or transferred to system database.

    The main processes in Data Mining are:

  • Gathering information
  • Storing the extracted information in a database
  • Analyzing the information to find relationships and associations between data
  • Present the data in as graphs, tables or other formats requested by the client
  • Before Data mining and Data cleaning can be carried out, a data set must be obtained available from many sources; most widely from data warehouses. The variables attained are then cleansed by checking for omissions and removal of errors. This data is then recapitulate. Finally the newly processed data patterns must be tested against original data to validate for authenticity and quality with respect to targeted output. This largely assists in cost cutting and time savings.

    Benefits include:

  • Large infrastructure
  • Quick Turn around
  • 24 x7 x 365 Customer support
  • Stringent Quality measures undertaken with guaranteed accuracy
  • Cost Savings of up to 60% compared to current industry data mining providers
  • Differing Time zones which means we are still on your project past your office hours
  • Rigorously trained, skilled professionals exhibiting specialized set of skills in different fields

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