Industries We Serve

Data Entry India BPO offers a wide range of BPO and other back-office outsourcing services to the diversified clients spread across the globe. Our customers belong to different industrial sectors and hence, we follow the industrial standards of each vertical while carrying out the task.

Today, most of the industries incline towards the concept of outsourcing in order to save the time, cost, and essential resources. And we are here, to assist you with the necessary requirements at an affordable rate.

Industries We Serve includes:

  • Healthcare – Today, the healthcare industry is dealing with a bulk amount of data on a daily basis. It includes the records of the patients, invoices, and other essential documents. Every firm belonging to the healthcare sector primarily focuses on the improvement in the quality of care. We serve the healthcare industry by offering them with various services such as patient data and back-office procedures, medical billing, medical coding, medical transcription, insurance claim data entry, insurance claim processing. We will help you to manage your accounts receivable and recovery in a perfect way.
  • Finance and Accounting – With the constant change in the global economic system, it has become mandatory for every business to merge their non-core finance and accounting services. We help our clients by balancing the expenditure and growth, cutting down the cash cycle, and enhancing the Return on Investment.

    Our major services to finance and accounting sector includes:

    • Bookkeeping – Billing for goods sold, entering the bank details, value-added bookkeeping, paying suppliers, verifying and recording the invoices from the suppliers, processing the employees pay, and setting up the chart of accounts.
    • Accounts receivable – It includes the order management and customer billing.
    • Accounts payable – This section covers the storing and imaging of the invoice, check processing, online payment approval, and handling of the vendor inquiries.
    • Bank reconciliation – It comprises of balance sheet reconciliation, sequencing of the cheque, credit card reconciliation, matching of the invoice with your ledger and the journal entries.
    • Payroll processing – The general services under payroll processing consists of form filling, setting up the payroll, tax form processing, application forms, and much more.
  • Manufacturing – Manufacturing has become an essential part of the global economy and it owns a large number of customers with the help of sophisticated technology and dynamic infrastructure. We help our clients belonging to the manufacturing sector by enhancing the supplier management and also improving the effectiveness of the channel. The services include supply chain management, data management service, compliance management, manufacturing account and finance, catalog conversion, data entry, and database building service.
  • Shipping and Logistics – With the help of our BPO outsourcing services, the shipping and logistics industry has gained numerous benefits. The shipping and logistics company generally face a large amount of recurring cost and they usually, tend to outsource the enhancement of input cost and revenue. Our services comprise of Processing of Bill of Lading, processing freight payments, pre-audit services for freight payment, and post-audit services for freight payment.
  • Retail and Wholesale – Today, the retail and wholesale industry is facing continuous and increasing demands due to the large expectations of the consumers in this competitive business environment. We offer catalog processing, back office support, tracking the pricing of the competitor’s, procurement support, support for marketing, support for social management and order management, web analytics, and much more.
  • Restaurant/ Hospitality – Our services assist the restaurants, resorts, and hotels, to improve the human capital, profitability, customer loyalty, and also managing the finances, business strategies, and controlling the cost. We provide accounting, bookkeeping, management of loyalty programs, inbound email reservations, reservation support, controlling fraud, data mining, data analysis, form processing, transaction processing, restaurant data entry, developing a website or creating exclusive apps and much more.
  • IT – The IT sector is booming day by day and hence, the outsourcing requirements of the IT sector is also increasing day by day. We will meet your technical requirements by analyzing the smallest of all the details. We offer solutions such as website development, designing, and re-designing, software solutions, smartphone apps, SEO, and digital marketing. These services will help you to take the decisions in a better and strategic way, thus, improving the efficiency.
  • Real Estate – Along with every sector, the real estate industry is too facing severe challenges and is adopting the concept of outsourcing their needs. We help to perform deliver better output with the help of latest technology and software. To increase the quality of the output and to reduce the capital expenditure, most of the real estate firms are inclining towards the outsourcing trend. We provide deed entry and mortgage claim processing, foreclosure, title research, REO reports, statement of cash flows, bookkeeping, and payroll processing, real estate data entry, correcting the property entries, and data management.

Data capture is performed using voluminous data for extracting information such as contact details for creating mailing lists, for online commercials , concerning product enhancement for strategic pricing from the web or product catalogs to be updated online or transferred to system database.

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