OCR (Optical character recognition) and ICR (Intelligent character recognition) are advanced automation softwares used for data conversion services. Both OCR and ICR are used to convert data from written or paper documents into electronic formats or digitalized formats. The primary goal of using OCR and ICR softwares is to deliver the data accurately in a small window of time. There are plenty of other reasons why ICR and OCR services have earned their place among BPO outsourcing companies, let’s go through a few of them.

OCR and ICR Conversion

Improved speed and productivity

OCR and ICR assist in data conversion by significantly improving the speed and accuracy of the project. Both OCR and ICR technology can quickly scan and address text. They save a huge amount of time compared to traditional services where you have to manually enter the data yourself. Moreover, this software can automate tedious tasks and projects at high speeds, reducing the margin of potential human errors. You only have to assign the task to the software with the requirements.

Automation software eliminates the chances of risks and ensures maximum productivity. There is no need for strong quality checks if you automate tasks with OCR and ICR. Implementing these services in business functions can improve your development strategies. Overall, OCR and ICR conversion services and technologies help businesses save a great deal of time and achieve 2x productivity.

Save Expenses

With these technologies, businesses can quickly and easily convert large volumes of documents into digital format. This allows businesses to process and analyze the data more quickly. OCR conversion services help automate tedious data conversion tasks that help businesses to focus on the core business activity. Large volumes of both paper sheets and documents are analyzed and processed into desired formats within no time.

Businesses get to save a good amount of money on labor costs, resources, and overtime. Moreover, manual data entry is more prone to errors and grave situations that can cost the company a lot of money. with the help of ICR and OCR technologies, assists businesses to save unnecessary expenses in labor, resource, and storage costs by ensuring maximum productivity. Both ICR and OCR services are ideal for BPO companies as they can easily manage large data and projects without major hiring or money-consuming activities.

Accessibility and storage

Data storage is a vital aspect of business that has to be taken care of in order to maintain a good reputation within the company and with clients as well. The majority of BPO companies have multiple projects ongoing at the same time. Every project has its own nature and they process tonnes of data every single day. When you deal with paper documents and files, the data are more prone to risks such as damages, loss, wear, and tears.

ICR and OCR advancements assist businesses in data into virtual formats where businesses can organize, handle and store easily.  Virtual data storage significantly improves efficiency and brings in a streamlined data flow into the management. They can free up a lot of office space and make sure that the data is secure. They ensure the protection of data with encryption making it easier to access and retrieve data whenever needed.

Business improvements and scale-ups

Modern technologies such as ICR and OCR improve the accuracy and efficiency of projects significantly. Digital conversion and automation techniques help businesses maintain consistency in data entry and document conversion projects. Day by day, these technologies allow enterprises to make improved decision-making strategies with respect to productivity and live projects.

ICR and OCR help businesses to complete tasks more quickly with the least errors. This allows businesses to save costs and manpower which enables them to grow and expand quickly. They help businesses to be more confident about new projects and scale up within less time. Moreover, ICR and OCR technologies boost customer services by responding more quickly to customer inquiries. Implementing ICR and OCR services into businesses can improve business opportunities and development strategies.

Wrapping Up

Optical character recognition and Intelligent character recognition is simply the latest technologies that offer numerous advantages for all kind of businesses. They allow businesses to automate tasks such as data entry and conversion services by digitalizing the process instead of manual tedious work. Therefore, implementing ICR and OCR technologies into your services helps businesses to save time, resources, and labor. if you’re planning to outsource OCR conversion services to optimize your operations, you are in the right place! Do mail us info@dataentryindiabpo.com for queries and let’s get started.

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