Automated or Manual Data Entry – The Brighter Future for Data Entry!

Automated or Manual Data Entry – The Brighter Future for Data Entry!

Data entry has become a centric element of every business with the accumulation of enormous data. Though manual data entry is the most demanded practice, technological advancements have paved a way for the emergence of automated data entry services. Manual data entry service is a process involving the dedication and commitment of experienced data entry operators, wherein, the data is extracted from various sources and digitized into a streamlined format. Though manual data entry has gained prominence, it still has to undergo various challenges, thereby, facing the trouble of lacking sufficient time.

Challenges Faced in Manual Data Entry


As the word says, manual data entry is a challenging and time-intensive process. Generally, a data entry operator needs to possess a typing speed of 50-80 words per minute. But, most of the organizations face budget constraints and other challenges. In such an instance, outsourcing the data entry services to a manual data entry company. Manual data entry involves various challenges such as checking for accuracy, double-checking of data, thereby, consuming more time.

Irrelevant Errors

With a manual data entry process, there are higher chances of errors in the data entry process. It’s a common mistake that can happen any time while entering the data manually into a database or a file format. The presence of irrelevant or duplicate information can have the probabilities of business breakdown.

Now, let’s come to the brighter side of data entry that has emerged with the transformations in the technology sector. We are talking about the rise of the automated data entry process. With the evolution of concepts such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, there has been an enhanced scope for automated data entry process.

What is the automated data entry process?

Automated data entry is a practice wherein the data entry software is utilized to digitize and process the data accurately, efficiently, and rapidly. The software guarantees to capture the data swiftly from all kinds of documents and streamlines the process, from scanning, digitizing, recognition, verification, to the delivery of the output.

Automated data entry service is widely utilized for performing the following:

Form Processing and Data Entry 

Automation helps in modifying the form processing and data entry, by extracting the crucial information from insurance claims, payrolls, account/legal forms, etc. 

CRM Data Entry 

CRM data entry has wide use in domains such as eCommerce and B2B organizations. With the automated data entry service, these industrial verticals can boost the user experience and sales.

Benefits of Automated Data Entry Service

  • Automated data entry services can speed up the process, much faster than manual data entry. 
  • This process helps your business to focus on core functions, thereby, accomplishing complete customer-satisfaction. 
  • Automated data entry process records and inputs the data accurately, thus, eliminating all the possibilities of errors.

But this doesn’t imply that manual data entry does not have a prominent role in today’s business. Here are a few benefits of manual data entry services. 

  • Manual data entry is a cost-effective process.
  • With the help of manual data entry, the organization can have control over various categories and fields. 
  • Some data cannot be easily categorized by software or machines; thus, manual data entry can offer greater insight. 

Though concepts such as artificial intelligence and machine learning have emerged to be a success in the business domain, it cannot replace the manual data entry process.

Well, in precise both the automated and manual data entry service can co-exist together in a business. The AI-dependent database needs to be streamlined and supported by manual data entry techniques. Manual data entry operators are considered to be an important part of organizing and managing the CRM data entry system. A manual accuracy check is essential during the final stage of AI system automation. 

As the business scenario keeps on changing, both manual and automated data entry services have their own significance and both are highly beneficial for an organization. Data Entry India BPO is one of the accredited data entry service providers, specialized in rendering customized solutions, both via manual and automated data entry process. To get a free quote, feel free to consult our team at

  • Written by Jack Smith, Fri Aug 07 2020