The rapid outbreak of Coronavirus has showcased a huge impact on the global economy. A majority of the organizations worldwide led to the immediate shut down of the firm, thereby hindering the smoother functioning of a business. Regardless of the nature and type of a business, every industrial vertical has been affected by the Coronavirus spread.

corona outbreak

We are living in an era where technology plays a huge role in combating any sort of disaster crisis including a pandemic, etc. And being a contemporary wing of the ongoing technological advancements, the practice of artificial intelligence service has gained rapid momentum.

As we know, data is an integral aspect of every business organization. Data should be managed effectively as it is regarded to be the backbone of a firm. During the outbreak of such a disaster, in the present context, let’s say Coronavirus, most of the organizations might be facing the challenges to deal with back-office management.

Artificial intelligence can blend a large amount of data to detect the essential connections for making it simple to predict the kind of experiments that could be practiced at work.

In the present instance of the Coronavirus outbreak, a majority of the offshore BPO companies, especially in India, are rendering the best back-office and documentation solutions with the inculcation of AI techniques.

A software aided by artificial intelligence has been under progress in China. Another software named ‘InferRead CT Pneumonia’ uses the AI tactic and has been consistently enhancing the efficiency of the radiology department. Also, drones are being developed for executing deliveries to healthcare centers and hospitals. The spread of COVID-19 has received a huge concern and a majority of the organizations (both government and private sectors) are working towards combating this unexpected crisis.

Listing below are a few AI measures implemented to overcome the challenges possessed by Coronavirus

  • The AI algorithms use the data from various sources (social media, newspaper, etc.) that lists out the information regarding Coronavirus, followed by extensive analysis.
  • Integrating artificial intelligence technology into CT scans ensures the efficient detection and monitoring procedure for the Coronavirus.
  • Few of the hospitals are deploying autonomous sterilization robots to aid the healthcare authorities in the isolation wards.
  • The chatbots powered by AI tactics are used in various mobile apps for detecting and providing real-time data pertaining about Coronavirus outbreak.
  • The use of block-chain powered services reduces the time spent on administrative and back-office works, thereby, focusing more on patient care.

Though India has also been a victim of Coronavirus, the country has recorded only 3 deaths as of date. A majority of the outsourcing firms in the country are being specialized in artificial intelligence solutions to help the firms across the world from penetrating a huge downfall.

Artificial intelligence is considered to create a smarter back-office activity. Hiring a BPO outsourcing company, well-equipped with AI measures, can have a big impact on streamlining your back-office or documentation challenges. Here’s how!

  • Empowering your employees
  • Making the process smarter
  • Making the back-office process smarter
  • Enhancing and boosting business efficiency

Implementing the advanced AI techniques into your business for managing the back-office activities can prove to be highly beneficial for your firm, especially in such an unexpected disaster crisis.

Data Entry India  BPO, being one of the leading BPO outsourcing company worldwide, is taking the necessary AI measures for easing the back-office challenges of our clients at a competitive price.

To conclude, it is noted that AI can shape your business and make your functioning smarter in the crisis of Coronavirus or any other disaster outbreak.