When businesses decide to digitize their documents, they engage a competent document scanning and indexing service provider who has access to the best technology for scanning and indexing. Digitizing the documents also involve converting the documents into formats that are easier to store and retrieve. The scanned documents may be stored in PDF, JPG, TIFF or PNG formats. There are many other formats too such as MS office document formats and bitmap images which can be used to store the documents. Most of the businesses prefer to outsource PDF conversion services as PDF files tend to retain the quality of images and text content stored in them and yet compress the data stored. Here are the popular file formats for storing scanned documents:

PDF or Portable Document Format

As the name suggests, the PDF files are most suitable for transferring and storing easily. Text and high-quality images can be stored in PDF files without losing its quality. They store the information in a compressed form saving valuable disk space and network data. You can store text information, forms, and images in a PDF format. Most of the software available today supports storing and reading PDF format files. This is the most popular format and hence PDF conversion services in India are very popular among businesses from across the world.

JPG or Joint Photographic Experts Group Format

When it comes to storing images, the JPG format is more desirable. Web browsers and most of the other software all support JPG or JPEG format. JPG lets you store the images in a compressed format. But during compression, the quality of images is largely compromised. Since the JPG format is recognized by most of the browsers and it supports compression, images are usually stored as JPG or JFPEG images.

TIFF or Tagged Image File Format

TIFF offers the best quality images. The data can be compressed and it is in a loseless format. This is the most desired format for storing digital images.

PNG or Portable Network Graphics Formats

PNG is also widely used to store images. The PNG format, like TIFF, stores high-quality information which does not lose it even when compressed.

Of these formats, images to PDF Conversion are the most desirable due to many reasons. Convenience and security are the two major reasons for suggesting PDF format for text and images. Since PDF can be used to store both text and images in a compressed way, it saves a lot of storage space. PDF files are easier to attach and send via emails.

Depending upon the document conversion requirement for your business, you can choose one of these formats to store your digital documents. PDF Conversion Services are commonly outsourced to competent document conversion vendors who use quality software for PDF conversion. Licensed versions of the software will be required for quality conversions and these are quite expensive to purchase. Moreover, there are many options available in the software that can be confusing. Only an experienced conversion expert will be able to create quality PDF documents which will serve the purpose of the organization.

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Charles Anderson
Charles Anderson
July 11, 2017 9:00 am

Agree this is one of the most confusing things when storing your data. but I understand its depends on individual it’s no same format for all business requirement.