As businesses expand, they need a competent and reliable outsourcing partner for various BPO activities. From data entry to logistics, the BPO service providers have become the lifeline of most SMEs and large businesses. As the demand for outsourcing grows, the number of service providers also increase, though most of them are mediocre. It is hence important to choose the right BPO service providers. While choosing the right data entry companies in India, here are 10 important aspects to consider to ensure reliability and competency:

1. Experience

With experience comes the confidence and knowledge to tackle challenging situations in data entry and other business processes. Experience offers the outsourcing companies a competitive edge over the others offering similar services.

2. Resource Strength

One of the major reasons for consider a BPO service provider in India is because of the availability of qualified and experienced resources. The outsourcing partner’s resource strength is an important factor to check before choosing them as your BPO partner.

3. Technology

Technology intervention can improve process efficiency and productivity significantly. If not the latest, make sure that your outsourcing partner uses the proven technologies popularly used in the industry to manage the various processes. An integrated approach will prove to be more successful and increase efficiency.

4. Infrastructure

BPO service providers need good infrastructure to set up their equipment and exclusive teams. A call-center should have the right equipment and high-speed internet and phone connectivity to function smoothly. Similarly, the logistics service provider should be well-connected to road, rail and air transportation to manage their fleet efficiently.

5. Scalability

Scalability in terms of resource strength and facilities are important to cater to peak and low seasons without increasing the overheads to the business. Make sure you choose a scalable outsourcing partner.

6. Quality Policy

Data quality is essential as businesses rely upon information for many critical management decision-making processes. A competent outsourcing partner will have a well laid out quality policy which they strictly follow

7. Referrals

Take referrals from competitors and known contacts before you decide upon your outsourcing partner. You can also ask your prospective online data entry services provider to provide referrals. You can cross check with these contacts and take their feedback on their experience with the BPO partner.

8. Security Policy

Data security is another important aspect to consider. Make sure that your BPO partner has a strict data security policy in place and follows it diligently. The latest cyber security devices and measures have to be ensured along with frequent updation.

9. Turnaround Time

The turnaround time is important as timely availability of data and completion of processes is critical. Get the turnaround time for every milestone to be cleared in writing and follow it up regularly to make sure they are met.


Last but not the least, the price quoted by the data conversion service provider must be feasible. Competitive pricing is a must while choosing the BPO service provider. A price too less may indicate low quality or less experience and a price too large may be premium that everyone may not be able to afford.

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