Outsourcing BPO services have been helping global business organizations of diverse scale and industries to stay fortunate in the competitive scenario. The major beneficial aspects of outsourcing such as affordability, extreme scalability, technological headway, and more that favors business enterprises to meet any of their market challenges and business goals.

The demanding market competition is breakneck and fierce pace due to the increasing number of competitors adapted to rapid globalization. And the key aspect of location is pivotal while partnering with a BPO services provider. The specifics are low costs, competitive edge, reduction of operational and production costs, and more.

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Location-based benefits are ideally provided by every leading outsourcing company in terms of massive personnel strength with exceptional skillsets, progressive technology, uncompromised data security/confidentially, currency rates, government favors, and more. So, it’s always important to choose service providers from favorable locations.

Businesses consider the below location factors while outsourcing BPO services to avail themselves of an upper hand in the competitive market.

Data Security and Confidentiality

Clients who seek BPO services will have concerns about their sensitive business data and assets which have to be safeguarded at all costs while partnering with an outsourcing company. So they should be aware of all the different regulations in data protection and confidentiality, network security policies – specific to each country, and how stringent are their practices in tackling the increasing number of potential cyber threats. Since outsourcing service providers are from different countries, their practices will never be similar to one another. Getting an in-depth understanding of their IT infrastructure is also crucial for business enterprises to protect their Intellectual Property (IP) and trade secrets. If everything is stringent, that service provider will be highly reliable.


The proficiency of country-specific outsourcing firms will vary by a long shot. It highly varies according to their domain specialization – IT, BPO, manufacturing, mortgage, customer support, and more. Each provider from a country will be a specialist in a specific domain even though they provide all, some, or just one of the services. The reason for this is the number of personnel being recruited for their educational qualifications. Some countries might produce graduates with programming skills each year which makes them programming or software development specialists. Another might produce graduates with industrial or technical skillsets suitable for the manufacturing domain. Another set of personnel might be well-versed and proficient in a certain language(s) which makes them suitable to the customer support domain. So evaluating all such specializations is important for businesses to meet their specific requirements.

Favorable Government

Choosing outsourcing BPO services providers from destinations with favorable government support will keep project success on the high bar. It will ensure process compliance and makes them highly streamlined for businesses. It will also favorable employment regulations, relaxation in taxes, use of public infrastructure, and more.

Cultural/Language Barriers

Business and service providers will have different cultures, which if not aligned with each other or becomes incompatible will have adverse effects on both. If there are language issues, the communicative aspect gets highly affected and will miss out on critical project elements, causes uncertainties, and delays. So well-defined processes, cultural compatibility, and adaptability have to be carefully evaluated to ensure project success.

Other Important Factors to Look out for

Time zone differences can provide a crucial process completion advantage to a business. Looking into the political, and social influence of the region on or of the service provider have to be evaluated, or else it might play to the downside. The stringent safety measures provided by the partner has to be considered as well.

The above-mentioned location-based factors in outsourcing BPO services have to be carefully evaluated by business enterprises for successful project execution, maximum cost-benefits, and a leading competitive edge.

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