Microsoft Excel is the preferred format in which many businesses store information, especially when it comes to figures such as sales and accounting. This is because of the large number of in-build functions offered by MS Excel and its capability to store information in rows and columns. Businesses that consider data seriously prefer to outsource XML conversion services to competent outsourcing partners for various reasons. Convenience and timely availability of data are two indispensable features of outsourcing to mention. Excel conversion is particularly preferred by businesses due to the following reasons

Stores data in rows and columns

One of the major reasons for companies to prefer Excel format is because Excel stores information in rows and columns. Excel will serve as the worksheet for simple to complex business calculations as well as for storing information in a tabular way. When there’s bulk data to input, businesses outsource PDF conversion to make sure that data is input efficiently without any errors and on time.

More secure

Did you know that Excel data is more secured? Excel, like most of the office documents can be password protected. In Excel, you can program another level of protection using programming languages or use macros for another level of protection. Excel is hence considered a more secure format to store information than plain documents.

In-built Formulae and Functions

Excel comes with a host of in-built formulae and functions to ease the calculations and to work on individual columns of information or in group. While PDF also stores information and is secured and stores data, it is more used for text storage. PDF to Excel conversion assures information assimilated in a feasible format which is compatible with most of the legacy tools used in businesses. The built-in formulae help to accomplish most of the basic to medium business intelligence requirements which help the businesses immensely.

Searches become more efficient

Searching through lines of text is more time-consuming and effort-intensive than searching through rows and columns of information. Since there’s a pattern already defined for identifying data in the current format, your search would be more efficient.


Though not many are aware of it, MS Excel is programmable. Those who know the software well, can create small business intelligence programs and macros to make it work like a BI tool. For small businesses this is extremely helpful as you can get graphical reports that make sense to managers.

Easily Compatible with Legacy tools

Microsoft Excel is compatible with most of the legacy BI tools. Since data is stored in rows and columns, it replicates a basic database. Many businesses ensure data entry in Excel format to directly export it into the BI tool for more complicated processing and analysis. Other than PDF to XML conversion, Excel conversion is also commonly done to make data instantly available for the BI tools. The BI tools and reporting tools also offer to export data and reports in Excel format.

When you are outsourcing the data conversion services, Excel conversion is a must to consider along with PDF and XML data conversions. These three are the most popular data formats used by the businesses across the world.

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