The timely and accurate completion of data entry and back office tasks can determine the success of business operations. It’s one of the tasks that must be carried out responsibly under expert care and expertise. Manual data entry is a traditional way of processing data that requires a long time. Fortunately, advanced technological innovations in Automation and machine language have changed the face of BPOs in a clean swipe! In this blog, we are digging into the latest changes and trends in receipt data entry services.

Machine learning and Automation

Machine learning and smart automation are undoubtedly among the most influential trends revolutionizing data entry operations. Automation software and algorithms can easily process large volumes of data in a blink of an eye. They are excellent in mimicking human capabilities and tasks which is an excellent choice for BPO companies. Automation can process large volumes of receipts faster delivering accurate outputs efficiently.

AI learning algorithms help projects scan and automate tasks to extract data from receipts accurately. They can learn and improve over time by recognizing patterns and deriving insights to measure performance. when AI and ML algorithms process receipts every day, they can learn and improvise tasks effectively. For example, they can streamline other core functions of your business where you can get a clear idea of your spending patterns and areas that drain your money.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and ICR Technologies

ICR and OCR technologies are one of the major trends that made a significant breakthrough that convinced companies to outsource receipt data entry services. Both OCR and ICR technology allow businesses to monitor and extract data from various sources and turn them into digitalized formats. They can scan and extract data from sources such as paper documents, files, or photographed receipts. Later, OCR and ICR algorithms convert printed text from these sources into the required digital format. They have become predominant among business outsourcing companies in a short period of time.

Smart automation and ICR algorithms allow businesses to save time, stress, and expenses by reducing manual work. Moreover, ICR and OCR technologies are accurate compared to manual entry where people are prone to make errors. Productivity and Improved receipt data entry accuracy are one of the major perks that companies are in awe of OCR and ICR technologies. 

Mobile Receipt Capture

Mobile receipt capture simply means capturing and processing data with the help of pocketing devices such as smartphones, tablets, Ipads, etc. Smartphones and tablets have become the spine not only for regular day uses but also for business and industrial purposes too. Mobile applications and software equipped with scanning and capture capabilities can easily process data just like computers do. You can forget the hassle of organizing data manually.

Mobile receipt capture is ideal for Business startups and small-scale enterprises as they are efficient and streamlined under a transparent budget. Moreover, users can upload and download receipts with a single click which is way better than manually typing. They are accurate as most phones and tablets come with triple cameras now. Fetching data with smart capture software installed on devices help business save a lot of time. Therefore, mobile receipt capture will blend in just fine with startups and small-scale businesses generating maximum productivity with the least of expenses.

Expense Management Systems and ERP integrations

ERPs and expense management system integration are becoming common among BPO and data entry providers. Both startups and large-scale businesses integrate and streamline the live works into centralized systems to enable smooth sync and real-time status of the project. They eliminate human errors, overall time, and labor by integrating systems into automated receipt data entry tasks effectively. EMS and ERP management system brings in smart capture, extraction, and support smartphone snapping too.

An improved ERP integration into data entry tasks boosts the overall performance and error-free output. They allow companies to leverage the workload with the right tools and techniques that fit well with the budget. Moreover, the integration of ERP and expense management systems monitor expenses and derive successful insights. As they enable real-time data updates and the status of the tasks, accurate reporting is ensured. Therefore, businesses can simplify their expense management and eliminate a great deal of stress.


Intelligent automation and machine learning algorithms are shaping businesses to a whole new level. To remain successful and scale up your business, you must be aware of the trending technologies that enable your business to scale up faster! OCR, ERP integration, ICR, and automation are revolutionizing data entry operations and witnessing significant changes. So, optimize your data entry operations with the latest trends and top-notch software now. Do mail us at and let’s get started!

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