Data entry could be classified as Offline data entry and Online data entry. Survey form data entry, application form data entry, data on business cards , etc all involve offline data entry. Also, this data allows analyzing the market trends, customer-based information, and other customer preferences. By outsourcing the offline data entry services to an offline data entry company benefits like better business growth and productivity is achieved. For the selection of a proper offline data entry company, the below points should be considered.

offline data entry

• Check the accuracy

Before choosing the right company, the accuracy should be checked by conducting a sample trial of the work or by checking out the past works of the company.

• Different formats

Based on the business requirements the data must be able to enter in different formats like HTML, TXT, DOC, JPEG, etc.

• Make use of the scrutiny technique

The data being processed must be analyzed for any form of errors. Always make sure that the outsourcing company, has the best technology to scrutinize the data.

• Checkups and reviews

While outsourcing the offline data entry services, the company should check the data and any other unnecessary details in the sample trial before signing the contract.

• Experience of the company

There is numerous offline data entry company available over the world. When signing a contract with the company, make sure about their experience in handling the projects. The quality of the technology and staff should also be properly ensured.

• Fulfill your requirements

Through the free trial work, the business should check whether all your requirements are fulfilled and that no change or difference is required.

• Security of the data

100% security of your data must be ensured with the work by signing Non- disclosure agreements. Also, ensure that the outsourcing company is equipped with proper CCTV cameras for ensuring better security.

• Cost-effectiveness

Not all firms provide a cost-effective output. Always try to choose an outsourcing company that provides a cost-effective solution for your offline data entry services.

• Fast turnaround time

When you partner with an outsourcing company, choose a company that provides 24/7 services. Through this benefit, reduced turnaround times could be achieved.


By outsourcing non-business activities like offline data entry, they could provide better cost-effectiveness and business growth to the organization. Due to this in the outsourcing business, data entry is gaining a high role today. But to achieve or make use of all the benefits of outsourcing, the right outsourcing partner should be selected. The above factors help in selecting the right one.

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