Outsourcing Data entry services has become a need of the hour for most of the businesses. As of now, IT is considered the most outsourced service sector but more industries are getting popular in outsourcing. Finance, payroll, recruitments, security, photography etc. are also being widely outsourced these days. If you are new to outsourcing, here are some Frequently Asked Questions faced by Offshore Outsourcing Providers on outsourcing Data Entry Services:

What services can be outsourced?

While Data Entry services are the most outsourced services, other services such as Data mining, data conversion, data processing, insurance claims processing, image processing, checks verification and validation, market research and surveys, healthcare billing, customer support services, helpdesk, technical support, digital marketing and many other secondary business processes can be outsourced.

How can I outsource Data Entry work?

The format in which you need the data should be finalized and a legal contract is entered into after confirming the requirements. You can either share the scanned documents via FTP or email or courier the physical documents that need to be input. You need to provide us the physical data that need to be entered in the form of invoices, checklists, registers etc that contains the data to be input. Converting images to structured form data requires experience and expertise which is the reason most of the business prefer offshore outsourcing for data entry.

How long does it take for Data entry? Is it done online?

The time taken for Data entry job depends on the quantity of data to be input and the complexity involved in the input. It typically takes anywhere from 3 to 4 hours to a day or two to complete the data entry job assigned depending on how complicated the process is. Yes, it can be done online through a secured internet connection provided it is mentioned in the contract.

How do we get started?

how to start

If you are interested in outsourcing your data entry requirements to us, please contact us online through our website or give our representative a call to fix an appointment.

How secure will my data be?

Data security is well taken care of by the outsourcing partners. It is the outsourcing partner’s responsibility to use tools and techniques to make sure data is handled safely with proper and secured backups to avoid loss of data and data leaks.

Do you provide support services?

Yes outsourcing data entry services come with support services also. Clients are our first priority and hence, we provide round the year service to all our esteemed clients.

I already have software. How can I get data entered into the existing system?

Many companies already have business software like ERP and offshore data entry services can either enter the data directly into the company’s software or provide the output in a format that can be easily imported into the software. With proper user authority, the outsourcing partner can input data directly into the application software offshore or online. This way, the company can make sure that data entry is done in a safe and secured mode. The company can also perform real-time auditing to ensure data quality.

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