Business processing outsourcing is not a new concept. For the time the corporate world has been competitive the companies have been looking for strategies with the ability to lower the business cost and improve efficiency. This is done to outperform their rivals and still deliver quality services and products to their clients and customers. This thought process has not changed but the business process outsourcing company has. Third-party BPO provides many ways to reduce capital expenditure and optimize the productivity of the company. Enabled by modern technology and partnership with other organizations, BPO services can make any organization competitive in the industry.

predictions in bpo

1. IT will become more agile and automated.

Outsourcing IT help desks and other IT processes are already in trend, but in the year 2020, businesses will have a majority of their IT teams working outside the corporation. With BPO today company can easily scale up their IT departments to meet any internal change, tech support and other needs, making outsourcing an intelligent decision. Many IT tasks will get automated and so many IT activities such as tech support can exist externally.

2. Excellent tech support and customer experiences will become the standard

As businesses would be using more BPO services, many more investments will be made into technologies and services designed to support consumers and their queries also provide them with in-depth technical assistance. According to the study report on predictions in BPO industry, by 2020, more budget will be allocated for sales and customer-driven spending. This will prove that customer services and call center outsourcing will be very popular. Once the company use third-party service providers managing relations and interactions with customers, the experience and support levels will increase. BPO providers will be efficiently providing those services, ensuring that they provide consumers with excellent interactions and solve problems properly

3. Organizations will focus on core business.

When customer services and call centers are outsourced and tech support going external companies in 2020 will only have to rely on the core business. BPO providers will be given more important tasks, which would bring more revenue, time and resources to work on what they do the best.

4. Every company will be a global organization.

With cloud services, employees can now access data wherever and whenever they want. BPO services will use those same applications and share data, becoming an extended part of the company even if the staff members are present in different locations all over the world. This will give the average business a global exposure and possibly set in new trends in BPO.

5. Business will focus more on data.

Between customer relationship management systems and other applications, today’s businesses collecting more data than they analyze. In 2020, all BPO providers will be using these technologies and many others when they communicate with clients, giving the company an unlimited source of information. Data will steer all corporate decisions and change the business world.

Many businesses simply feel that BPO can only offer the standard benefits of efficiency, customer services and improve productivity, but in the next few years, those organizations can rely on BPO providers to change the corporate world.

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