How to Integrate a Document Management System into Your Business System?

How to Integrate a Document Management System into Your Business System?

Electronic document processing assures seamless integration, improved productivity, and efficiency significantly. Integrating the document management system is the most efficient way of managing routine affairs and complex documents in a systematic way enhancing business intelligence. Document system reduces the need for manual input. You can scan your invoices and post it to the respective sales and accounts department without any hassle. A competent Document Management Outsourcing Services provider ensures smooth integration and helps your organization to function seamlessly with the right choice of the system.

Steps to integrate the task of the Document Management system without any hassles:

Plan the documentation prior to Integration

Planning is essential to integrate the system into your database. You should be familiar with the features and program specifications. It is not necessary to implement everything. You should have a good idea about the functionalities to reduce downtime significantly or eliminate it altogether. The Document management system should be compatible with your company’s software. It should be hassle-free and easily manageable. There could also be email integration, compatibility with an invoice program and several others depending on the requirement of the organization.

Integrating Faxes and Emails

Document management system is not just about files or folder uploads, it is the integration of proper record management. This system offers specialized setting for email and fax control. There are settings to index your emails automatically. It offers you with directories for email attachments and options like fax routing than printing every single page. You should assess the requirements of every department and the software already being used for proper integration. Modern data solutions are usually created to work together and offer comprehensive document management throughout the company. Communicating with different departments will help you to understand their needs and the business applications that they rely on. Such act helps in eliminating obstructions and thus let you enjoy seamless document management.

Compatibility with Current File Indexing

Every organization follows its own way for document indexing and creating an archive or database. It is very challenging and crucial when a new system is implemented to become more user-friendly. You should be familiar with the way in which document scanning is done and how they are indexed and organized in the new software. How the actual system is operating; whether there is a template for different kind of documents? How they are sent to folders and how they will be dated and timed? How will different departments access the folders and files? All these are questions to be asked and understood.

Document management system gives good solutions for locking the documents in different folders for each user. This system allows easy documentation in folders, bulk uploads and easy searches of the files. The default document storage setting allows you to choose index consistently with no confusion.

Factors to keep in mind when you choose a Document Management System:

  • Required security of files
  • Level of access to the employees
  • Document indexing
  • Scalability of software
  • Time required for completing the project
  • Pricing

So, find a document management system service provider that fits into your business model with ease and one who can implement it quickly to keep your business functioning smooth.

  • Written by Jack Smith, Thu Nov 02 2017