Logistics is the backbone all business. Logistic means flows of things from the point of origin to the point of utilization towards the consumers or corporate. It involves many operations that have to be well-coordinated end to end. Logistics is an important part of the supply-chain system. It includes the planning, implementing and controlling the process of transportation from stores or warehouses and to the customers or the client warehouse. At any given point of time, something or the other might be on the move when it comes to SMEs and large organizations. Tracking the movement of goods and the entire transaction details are important to keep complete control over the logistics of any organization. Since there are many risks involved,Outsource Data Processing is preferred for logistics companies so that they can concentrate on the core business while the data is managed by the outsourcing agency. The logistics partner needs to maintain the time, safety and cost-effectiveness to sustain in the tough market. There are specific courses that teach about the entire process of logistics.

Logistics Data Entry

Logistics transportation can be done by ships, air freight or by road. Speed is the soul of logistics. An efficient logistics department can influence the company’s future. For example, logistics has an important role to play in online businesses. Logistics data entry, in particular, has a vital part to play in this. The logistic companies are using digital technologies for processing the information to ensure smoothness of pickup and delivery of products. Technology reduces the cost and complexity. Logistic data entry is a monotonous and tiresome job. It consumes time and it requires technical know how also. Operating cost is high for data entry in logistic and hence offshore outsourcing is the preferred solution.

Freight Bill

Freight bill process includes the details of product, weight, charges, transportation detail etc. the process is monotonous, confusing and requires utmost care. Freight bill auditing is a must to. Billing error increases as the services increase. Around 30% bills have errors according the surveys! Rate management is another process that requires some expertise. You need to get the correct rates and surcharges since it’s pretty complicated. Different places have different rates and charges and they keep on changing. Customs brokerage forms are required in some cases that need to clear from the customs. This involves data filled in a pre-printed form.

A Bill of lading is a contract with the shipper of the goods and transporter of the goods. It is just a cargo list but has an important role in logistic. It is a contract, receipt of goods to transport and an important document to deliver to the respective customer.

Invoice Processing Services

Bill processing also has a very important role in logistics. Important data like rates and contractual details negotiated need to be input. Scanned images or electronic files of a bill of lading and incoming bills need to be check against proper documents. Data Processing India takes care of inputting these details as an when the bills are raised. When the bills come for processing, you have to take the details form bill of lading and make new invoices as per the structure. Bill of lading and the invoice should match. Then it should go for auditing before payment process. It should match the documents and contractual terms and conditions. After validations, they are sent to process the payment.

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