Outsourcing has become a major trend among businesses globally. Have you ever wondered why a business would outsource online data entry services or any other business process for that matter? There are many reasons! Outsourcing is the best way for businesses to gain from the best technology and expert resources in the most cost-effective way. When it comes to data entry, though a secondary requirement for most of the businesses, it is as critical as operations as data-centric businesses depend solely on this information input digitally. Such mass digitization is resource-intensive. Moreover, maintaining the data quality is a huge challenge. Outsourcing offers the most cost-effective solution to such requirements. The best data entry company will not only have ample expert resources but also will assure quality data on time. Data entry outsourcing is one of the most flourishing businesses and hence, ample care should be taken while choosing the right outsourcing partner. Here are 10 tips to keep in mind, rather 10 questions to ask, before finalizing your outsourcing partner for online data entry services:


How experienced are they?

Experience comes handy in many ways. Getting an experienced outsourcing partner is important to ensure on-time delivery and for top-notch data quality. They will be well-equipped with the best technologies and methods to complete the data entry process on time.

 What’s their resource strength?

The resource strength is critical to data entry since it is a resource-intensive job. Most of the businesses have bulk data entry requirements and unless the outsourcing partner has ample resources, they will not be able to allocate the right resources for your project.

Are they experts in online data entry?

You obviously will not benefit from outsourcing data entry to experts in image editing or call center management! Find out whether your shortlisted outsourcing partner is an expert in providing online data entry services. This is critical if you want to benefit from cost-effective results with outsourcing.

Are they scalable and flexible?

Scalability and flexibility matter to all businesses. The outsourcing should be scalable to accommodate both peak and lean time business without increasing the overheads. The Outsourcing Online data entry service provider must be flexible enough to accommodate your specific data requirements or else, the entire process goes futile.

Any references they can provide?

Taking references is critical because this helps you understand their clientele and how successful they have been in accomplishing their previous works. So, ask for references, particularly previous clients, so that you can cross-check their experience and understand their credibility

Are they willing to complete sample work?

Sample work will let you assess the outsourcing partner’s capability appropriately. You may either ask for the sample work before signing a contract or sign a short-term contract for the sample work and confirm the actual contract only if they deliver reasonably.

What’s their security policy?

The Online data entry service provider should have a written security policy which covers the length and breadth of data security during entry, processing and transfer of deliverables. They must also make sure that data is destroyed as soon as they have been delivered.

How much would they cost?

Rest assured that Offshore online data entry will be much less expensive than having to set up a local office with a complete team. But do make sure that your outsourcing partner offers an affordable subscription scheme which your business can afford.

Do they have a solid quality policy?

Make sure that your outsourcing partner has a written and stringent quality policy and also that they follow it strictly. Check for their quality audit details and then only confirm the contract.

What’s the turnaround time promised?

On-time availability of data is critical too. Businesses use this data for various analytics and comparisons. Unless you have the information when you need it, you will not benefit from the entire process.

Every aspect mentioned above is important. Make sure that all of them are answered appropriately by your outsourcing partner before you sign the contract.

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