Does outsourcing data entry for small firms counterbalance the cost

Outsourcing benefits small firms as much as it helps the big firms. The cost factor is something that needs to be looked into, though. If you look at the benefits, the SMEs leverage more from Data Entry Outsourcing Services than the larger firms. The SMEs can save on the recruitment cost and infrastructure investments to start with whereas the larger companies may not find these as challenging. As far as the larger companies are concerned, through outsourcing, they just get rid of the time consuming and monotonous jobs. Since data is very important for all companies, especially the emerging ones, here are some valid reasons for SMEs to consider outsourcing:

Save on Investment on Infrastructure

By outsourcing the data entry, small firms will not have to invest on infrastructure and employees. They can spend instead on the expansion of business and diversification. Specifically for data entry, you may need expertise for which you will have to pay more.

Save on Distances and leverage from local resources at different locations

Small firms will have limited resources to collect the data from other parts of the country or world. But it may be required for the business. Offshore outsourcing company will have enough resources and connections all over the world. Outsourcing company data will be more than 95% accurate as they need to maintain quality to sustain in this business.

Leverage from Technology to manage data quality and security

Data entry generally requires purchase and installation of specialized software and hardware such as scanner, PDF writer etc. These involve heavy investment and further, for data security also you need to invest. For outsourcing company, these are their core businesses and hence they will be equipped with the required software, hardware and security tools. The SMEs can save on such investment which is irrelevant to their profit centers.

Concentrate on Revenue Generation rather than maintaining Cost centers

SMEs have limited resources and they need to concentrate more on profit centers. Outsourcing data entry companies aid the parent company to concentrate more on revenue generation than on maintaining the business process. Since they will have limited employees, they will have work harder to do the core business and earn revenue. Data need to be maintained in a professional manner which will need more investment.

Leverage from Experience & Expertise

These small firms need not bother about the data entry at the starting level. The main aim of business is to generate maximum revenue with limited resources. Investment will be made only after the company starts making a profit. But data entry is very much required for company’s decision making processes that influence its revenue. Outsourcing company will have the experience and expertise as per your business. Outsourcing companies will deal with different businesses and hence, we can expect the experience and expertise facilities from them to enhance your business.

These are some of the benefits that small firms will earn by outsourcing the data entry. Data Outsourcing has become very popular in India after 1990s. This helps most of the companies to concentrate on their revenue generation. Data entry is very important but needs much of your time to maintain. Future of the business lies in the accurate data. Data need to be maintained but in a professional manner at lesser cost and outsourcing is the right solution.

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February 14, 2018 9:26 am

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