Significance and Challenges of Outsourcing Product Data Entry Services

Significance and Challenges of Outsourcing Product Data Entry Services

Outsourcing data entry services has become a trending and one of the most demanding practices in the global business sphere. In the growing business competition, most of the startups and large-scale firms are combating  bulk data management. And one among them is the eCommerce sector, facing challenges with the in-house product data entry services.

Hiring a reputed data entry company will enable the eCommerce organizations to gather, modify, update, and manage the product data consistently. Outsourcing the product data entry services to a team of qualified and enthusiastic professionals is regarded to be a beneficial decision, especially in this era of digitization.

With the constant change in technologies, countless products are surfacing in the global market every day. The companies need to update the product information and ideas revolving around these products into their database from time-to-time. The improper entry of product details or the presence of missing data instances can cost a company to initiate poor decisions and reduce the ROI (Return on Investment).

  • Focus on Productive Tasks – The eCommerce business has to manage multiple functions, apart from the product data entry services. Though product data entry is a significant concept, it consumes additional time and efforts. Outsourcing the data entry service will encourage your eCommerce business to focus on core business performance and activities such as inventory management, bringing website traffic, and so on. The data entry company will manage your needs instantly and helping you to achieve the desired goals quickly.

  • Affordability – In-house execution of product data entry service is expensive as you have to spend enormously on time, budget, and efforts. Well, these hurdles could be eliminated with the involvement of a data entry company. You can instantly save around 30-40% on the operational costs and make the overall product data management process economical. Also, you can avoid the in-house expenses of hiring and training data entry employees, purchasing data entry software/tools, and much more.

  • Increasing Productivity and Accuracy – The data entry professionals at the outsourcing company possess the best knowledge and experience in the field. They will ensure to deliver real-time accurate product data entry solutions. From effective gathering to the flawless entry of information into the database, you can enjoy the finest result (without errors). The right data entry company will enable you to optimize the eCommerce productivity as they will keep your database updated, at the earliest.

Every coin has two sides. Apart from the certain benefits, outsourcing product data entry also faces several challenges. Here are the few pitfalls encountered during the outsourcing process.

  • Poor Interaction –  Language is often considered to be a barrier between an eCommerce firm and the data entry outsourcing company. This can lead to communication misunderstandings, thereby, misleading the project needs. It could cause irrelevant product information to be entered into the database, causing an overall downfall.

  • No Data Control – Once the data is handed over to the outsourcing firm, the eCommerce business might face difficulty to modify the information directly. Such inconsistencies can cause various hurdles in the internal functioning and might end up in a delay of the project. Hence, you need to prepare a guideline before initiating the product data entry outsource.

  • Poor Quality – Manual data entry service is always at some kind of risk. Also, manual product data entry takes up a lot of time. The presence of mistakes such as spelling/typing errors and mismatching fields can disturb the overall performance of the eCommerce firm.

  • Data Security – Though outsourcing is often known for having the best data security measures and concepts. But not all outsourcing firms or third-party service providers focus on this factor. Some outsourcing companies do not offer authorized access and they do not pay attention to important security measures such as prevention of fraudulent tasks, etc.

To Conclude…

Integrating new technologies into your mainstream eCommerce business can bring in numerous profitability and a rise in productivity. To meet the enhanced demands, collaborate with the right data entry outsourcing company.

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  • Written by Jack Smith, Tue Mar 30 2021