Developing High Performance Bpo Culture

BPOs or Business Process Outsourcing firms have become the lifeline of many small, medium and large organizations. More businesses realize the benefits of outsourcing and hence prefer Offshore Outsourcing Providers than setting up their own offices across the globe. While India remains one of the most preferred offshoring destinations, there are some key characteristics that help maintain a High-performance BPO culture. All types of BPOs and other organizations can adopt these policies to create a positive and motivating vibe among the employees which contributes hugely to the success of the organization. Some of the key characteristics to manage are:

Give the employees a sense of Ownership

This is important when you want the employee to perform their best. Imbibe in them a feeling that, they are working for their own company and for their own benefit. Don’t impose very strict rules on the employees. Give them enough freedom while making sure that the work is getting completed as per the plans.

Look out for the performers and acknowledge them

Provide ample incentives for performing employees which will motivate them as well as the others who lag behind. Acknowledging the performing employees with rewards as well as awards is important to keep them motivated to excel their own targets even better. The others will also look forward to being acknowledged and hence will work harder in alignment with your company goals.

Work out friendly Employee Assessment programs

When the Employee Assessment programs become one-sided, usually they are inclined more towards the management’s benefits, employees tend to lose their interest in working hard. Friendly assessment programs can be worked out in consultation with the employees. You can consult with them while fixing their goals and give them freedom to work around that instead of imposing rigid processes and regulations. This is key to the success of offshore outsourcing firms that are always employee-oriented.

Promote Knowledge Sharing and Creativity

Knowledge sharing is an important part of employee welfare and development. You can make use of your existing resources to share what they know and encourage everyone to do the same with interactive sessions. This ensures that all your employees know what’s happening in your field as well as the related fields more up to date. Recreations and promoting creativity among the employees are important as they are great stress-busters and also help to develop teamwork and better interactions among the employees.


Have Open meetings

Open meetings are key to understand what the employees have to say about the subject matter. More than often, they are the people who actually do the work and will have practical issues to be sorted or better solutions to consider. This will be helpful for both the employees as well as the management since the employees will start to think out of the box and the management will receive fresh ideas that practically work.

Communicate more transparently and often

Timely and effective communication is very important when you are managing a large workforce in offshore data entry services. Maintaining transparency and encouraging the employees to respond to their suggestions and feedback will only help the organization to improve their work culture. It will make the office a better place to work and improve productivity.


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