Top 7 B2B Appointment Setting Tips

Top 7 B2B Appointment Setting Tips

Setting appointments to meet your business clients is an important aspect of marketing. When your business is offering B2B Services, your marketing team will be meeting many corporate clients to offer your products and services and your appointment schedule has to be carefully charted out. Since the clients are corporate managers, there are many critical factors to consider while setting up the appointment itself.

1) Prepare your Sales pitch

Before you decide on your client list to call up and fix appointments, you must be ready with a script or the sales pitch to put forward. Get your most aggressive salesman against you and assume your pitch against him/her. You can always make use of business outsourcing solutions for drawing up your crucial sales pitch which will be more effective. These are professionals with many years’ experience dealing with different types and levels of clients and hence, will have a better grip over the matter. Make sure you cover all the main features to discuss and have also considered the possible issues to handle.

2) Prepare your Client List

Once you have your script ready, you have to find your prospective clients. You can again fall back on outsourcing partners for sourcing the prospective client list or draw it up with the information you have in your database.

3) Use Dynamic Scripts and Callers to fix an appointment

What ticks off most of the corporate clients is the direct pitch or tone that indicates your sales call! It is very important not to sound that you are trying to pitch your sales while talking to your prospective clients, especially when requesting an appointment. You can make use of outsourced business Services that has professional callers who will research enough to know the client and stage the call tactfully.

4) Check on the Client’s convenience

While fixing the appointment, it is important to check the client’s convenience. If the client can hardly spare 10 minutes with you, there’s no point wasting their time and yours. Instead, be flexible and ask for a convenient time for the client so that you can have a detailed discussion on the product/service you plan to offer. You may have to convince the client that it is for the best interest of both parties.

5) Know their issues and offer solutions

Once you have fixed the appointment, do some research and find out the issues the prospective clients are facing. Every business has some potential risks and if your product or service can cover that risk or offer a solution to the impending problems, the client may be more interested in knowing more about what you have to offer. You can check out B2B Services outsourcing to research on your client and they will come up with the right points while you can concentrate on your business.

6) Never be Aggressive

As you talk to the client to fix the meeting and during the meeting, it is very important not to sound or get aggressive. Client meetings need to be handled in a subtle way making sure you leave a positive impact on the client rather than getting into an aggressive mode.

7) Talk to the point

When meeting the client, please prepare a note on the main points to discuss. After the initial greetings, it is best to straight away get to the point rather than beating around the bush wasting both your time. The client will also appreciate that. So make sure you talk to the point when meeting the client.

  • Written by Jack Smith, Thu Apr 06 2017