Do you think it is wise to move forward handling your back-office project with your employees? When the market offers you smart ways to solve data management requirements, why hesitate to utilize them? The fact is that 64% of all companies go for outsourcing their development process. 37% of companies having employees less than 50 moving along with BPO companies for software development. And also, 78% of business organizations feel positive about their outsourcing experience or relationship with the best outsourcing firm. What it points that, outsourcing is the most popular and effective strategy that you cannot ignore nowadays. It has great relevance in today’s business scenario. When the pandemic has shattered the entire world economy, outsourcing has emerged as the future of effective business management. 


Here we try to discuss that, what are the most updated outsourcing trends to grow in business in 2021.

Thriving Automated Techniques

Automation or artificial intelligence is not very novel since they get used in various commercial applications from 2016 onwards. In 2021, BPO services have reached the position of providing hyper-personalized content for the users by monitoring what they have done on the Internet. Also, every complex marketing technique has become a matter of few clicks by using automated techniques. Tracking user activities on websites, maintain a more personalized relationship with the consumers through emails, implementing the best data extraction and verification techniques, and many more are the benefits of using automation that make it essential for outsourcing companies in 2021. It requires expert interventions to monitor automated activities, and assigning your employees for this will possibly lead you to waste money and effort. As we all can agree, minimizing human intervention in technical documentation can help to reduce operational costs and thus improve profit.

Digital Marketing Strategies of Voice/Visual Search

People are getting used to voice or video searching nowadays, and it is gaining popularity so fast. Voice-searching tools came to light in 2011 with the appearance of Siri, and now it has emerged into several popular apps like Alexa, Google Home, and Cortana. Specifically, 20% of Google queries are done through voice searches nowadays, says Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google. It compels companies to make new SEO strategies to get more reach in digital media. BPO services focus on this provide better options for marketing. On the other hand, Google Lens, Pinterest Lens, and many others give the possibility of image searches by making a user camera into search bars. It means uploading a landmark image brings historical data about that place. With the help of the best outsourcing firm effectively using such tools, users can find similar products by uploading their images.

Regulatory agility

Outsourcing companies must be flexible with the updating regulations of every nation since we have perceived this for the past few years more commonly. Due to various reasons, it is quite natural to have updations in regulations. Expert interventions are required to tackle it. For example, since 1 January 2021, the UK has no longer been part of the EU single market or the EU customs union, and the EU plans to introduce two new laws, one called the digital service act, and another called the digital markets act. They aim to prevent the spread of harmful content and improve competition. In the United States, regulators sued Facebook for illegally squashing competition. Also, Google met with an antitrust lawsuit in the previous year. After the digital revolution, marketing policies get vigorously updated with the astonishing improvements in technology. The best outsourcing firm is that can handle such updations regulations and maintaining regulatory agility. It is quite essential to maintain business stability.

Increasing Popularity of Influencer Marketing

We have already discussed the role of digital marketing in the modern business world. Digital platforms have redefined everyone’s lifestyle. We get continuously influenced by digital platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many others. An influential person like an athlete, artist, businessman, scientist, or even a youtube vlogger who has a reputed position in the public society will have a specific group of followers on social platforms. BPO services are now focusing more on the possibilities for a brand establishment with the help of influential public figures. Influencer marketing becomes the most effective marketing strategy that BPO companies are practicing. Maintaining a good relationship with the influencers and developing the best marketing strategies with them requires the skills of experienced professionals through which we can reach more potential customers. It gets viewed as a better strategy that can reduce your spending on advertisements.

Emergence of Cloud Computing & Cloud Platforms

Usage of cloud-based software is gaining more popularity since it ensures better data protection, faster data operations, and the ability to modernize business processes by implementing various business apps easily and effectively. The amount of data to be stored has increased enormously, and the need for better data management solutions has emerged after the pandemic. Piling up data files will eventually result in a backlash in productivity and profitability. At the same time, ensuring easy access to the required data files from a mountain of documents is also essential to make quick business decisions. Cloud platforms are the best solutions for all these. Reports of ‘Gartner revenue forecast’ indicate that the cloud market will be $289.1 billion worth in 2021. BPO services view this as a chance to thrive in business as they can handle cloud software with trained experts, consuming lesser time. It can also provide better security over various online threats.

Mobile-first development

The increase in the usage of mobile phones has created a situation for companies to develop mobile-friendly strategies. Between 2017 to 2022, mobile users are predicted to increase 17 times. Mobile users now account for more than half of the online traffic, and desktop traffic maybe soon a minority. Companies are almost ready to get rid of the desktop-first approach and developing mobile applications. Apps like Uber, Snapchat, and others are some of the most successful companies that thrive with mobile apps. Businesses cannot be competitive without a responsive mobile version. When everyone was compelled to be in their home for a long time, mobile phones connected us to the world. The pandemic situation has influenced the usage of mobile-centered money transactions and shopping. Here, BPO companies can help you get customized output by developing a suitable mobile app for your business organization. It is one of the main areas in which most companies rely upon outsourcing partners.

Using Progressive Web Apps

The demand for a better user experience has finally reached the doorsteps of progressive web apps. It is different from ordinary mobile applications in that they move back and forth between mobile and web apps. It can provide consumers a mobile application-like experience at websites. It is easier to develop and control them. It is more effective for business organizations that do not want to develop a mobile variant of their website separately. Instead of developing separate web pages for mobile phone users, it can customize the digital presence with the user’s device. It also helps to reduce the money getting spent on maintaining separate online versions for the same company. When business firms must cope up with the increasing usage of mobile phones in financial transactions and purchase progressive web applications help companies to solve the issue of overspending.


The global market of outsourcing was getting close to 100 billion worth nearly two years ago. It is one of the fastest-growing industries that move along with the most impressive technological innovations. At this stage, not utilizing the benefits provided by outsourcing is the worst business decision that you can take. Hiring an outsourcing partner will help you survive in the competitive marketplace. are proud to have the best experience in outsourcing with a team of professional experts who can undertake your projects under any circumstances and ensure a quick turnaround time. Quality assurance, cost-effectiveness, transparent communication, along the best security measures make us the best choice to meet your data handling requirements. Make the right choice, move forward with it.

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