outsorcingIndia is the hub of outsourcing

If you are searching for affordable, high quality outsourcing solution.

I can bet you, your search will fruitfully end in India.

The current Size of Indian business process outsourcing industry is $25-billion, and is expected to increase, around 12-15%, according to top industry experts.

India is the world’s favorite destination for outsourcing; it emerges as a leader in outsourcing market. Indian has nearly 70% market share in the world BPO market. More than half of the fortune 500 companies outsource to India. There are some reason why India is the prime choice. India is the hub of outsourcing.

  • Cost Effective Services

This is No.1 reason, why India is the favorite destination for outsourcing. Outsourcing data entry service to India  will help  in 60% reduction of total cost of project. India is a hub of talented professional in the world Indian universities and colleges produce nearly 4 million graduates ever year. In India half of the population is below 35 year and so, number of young talented professional is also high. Bless with its highly talented professional India has enable to provide cost effective and highly quality service.

  •    World Second Largest English speaking nation

India is the world second largest nation in the world using English with similar importance to prime official languages, Due to British colonization, Indians can speak fluent English. Nearly 300 million people speak English. Legal works and all other necessary documentation works are tired in English.

  •      A matter of geography

India’s time zone has its own advantage, the compatible time zone with US and UK is a big reason why India is a destination for outsourcing. Organization can enjoy 24*7*365 days service. 

  •    Flexible government policies

India is the largest democracy in the world, and has one of the world’s most flexible governments. Nearly 70% of US and European countries prefer India for outsourcing.  In the words of Hisao  Tanako, Director, President & CEO of Toshiba corp. “India is not just a market, it   is a strategic hub to the world.   Enjoy India’s highly quality service and focus on your core business.

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