Surveys are cost effective solutions that give a clear idea on several elements that needs improvements which relate to company growth. Survey can be used to ascertain customer satisfaction, product/service feedback, employee productivity, market performance & current trends. It can also be used to analyze organizational performance in order to pursue innovative competitive strategies. Carrying out surveys is a rigorous form of data collection. Although feedback obtained by the particular company is highly valuable, this data is useful only if its exact, prepared systematically and detailed enough to cover every area of product / service looked into for improvement. Of course, there are software to assist you in such tasks but they come along with a number of drawbacks. The data achieved can be highly inaccurate .It can be tampered with and can also be limiting in cases where human knowledge and judgments are required. Therefore it is a beneficial option to outsource your survey tasks to experts who have a widespread knowledge and experience in the field.

Our Survey Process Services includes:-

Survey Processing Services
  • Product surveys
  • Market surveys
  • Competitive surveys
  • Group surveys
  • Shopping surveys
  • Healthcare surveys
  • Demographic surveys
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Employee surveys
  • Political surveys
  • Services surveys
  • Software feature and functionality surveys
  • We follow a set number of steps in preparing for survey processing:-

    Survey Framework setup -A survey needs to be prepared and structured systematically and effectively in order to extract information covering different fields.

    Methodic Design of a survey form - Once the basic framework is setup, main content such as questionnaires and forms are prepared aimed to extract maximum information and gain feedback

    Printing and mailing of survey for distribution - We also provide you with mailing solutions of your surveys in a variety of customized options with respect to font, color or basic printing, package design etc.

    Gathering Data/Information - After distribution, when survey information is sent back either to the web server or by any other form, the information using questionnaires, web surveys or any other means of data capture is collected and aggregated.

    Survey scanning - Data captured is immediately converted using advanced forms of Optical Character recognition (OCR), Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) and Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) and can be made available to our client in any format.

    Survey Detail and comment coding - We offer comment coding services under which our experts will help analyze, interpret and provide coding solutions for comments presented by customers. These comments are a highly important part of a questionnaire/survey as it is mostly the only non - subjective query.

    Survey Data entry - To facilitate for a more efficient means of analysis, data is transferred to MS excel, SAS or into company database. Analysis and interpretation of survey data and statistical reporting - We carry out cross table checking, frequency & correlation tests from data obtained. It is then processed for statistical reporting by means of graphical, tables or columns.

    As data collected needs to be exact and 'to the point', it is highly important that the survey/questionnaire be prepared covering all topics and queries; while at the same time attracting the respondent as most people turn away from feedback forms. Our processing techniques start right from the initial stages of setup and design of a survey by providing solutions for user-friendly & attractive presentation of survey while keeping in mind that the whole process should only give back fruitful information. Our team makes use of highly advanced software customized to our specifications and also employs OCR/IMR tools and techniques along with typing out participant comment and feedback into database or MS Excel spreadsheets.

    We will work with you on different phases of your project, mainly pertaining to survey processing services to provide you quality assistance with a rich source of manpower and cutting edge technological tools for data capture and analysis. Our team is readily available to you at any time enthused to find strategic solutions for all your business shortcomings.

    Why team up with DataEntryIndiaBPO?

  • Top of the range survey processing services
  • Competitive rates at half the cost of carrying survey processing in-house
  • Rich source of skilled data processing personnel
  • Cost savings by ways of reduced infrastructure, acquiring workforce, attaining latest software as technology upgrades
  • Quick turnaround time ensuring timely deliveries while maintaining accuracy

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